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Our team of designers work hard to create the perfect ambiance to suit the personality and dreams of each and every customer. We don't do this for money, we do it out of passion.  All of our designs stem from a rough sketch, to a scale furniture layout and are finally created with our top of the range software programmes, to produce the best 2D, 3D, renderings and videos which provide you with the best possible understanding of the project before it goes underway.


You may be asking yourself, what does an interior designer actually do? We study you and your families lifestyle in each and every aspect. Day, night, summer, winter, work and play.... everything we need to create a design that suits you and your families way of life. Whether it be a change of theme or removing walls and opening up new spaces, we will help create the home you have always dreamed of. So come on, Let's have a chat and we can make your dream home a reality.


Don't worry about money, we also offer Payment Plans to suit all of our clients situations. We would love to talk to you about these so please don't hesitate to call us or just send us an email. If money is not an issue, even better! But at the end of the day, it's not about money... It's about your home.

DO YOU WANT YOUR HOME TO BE UNIQUE? Why not embrace the elegant Italian style? you are sure to love it!


If you have already checked out who we are, you probably know that our Interior Design team originates from Italy. Our Italian partners collaborate with us to provide you with the finest "Italian Made" materials that are not available anywhere else in the world. Have you always dreamed of that beautiful Italian marble? No problem, we have it here for you. We only work with the finest fixtures and brands, so come and take a look through our gallery and fall in love with our unique style, your house could be next!


We also work in collaboration with an architectural studio in Rome, Italy, so you know you are in safe hands.

How many Interior Design websites have you visited before us? And let us guess, no one has their prices displayed. So, how are you supposed to know how much an interior designer charges? Well simple, we will tell you! We want you to fall in love with our story, with our designs and we want you to be careful. Choosing the right designer for your home is an important step.


We charge 50 € per hour for our Interior Design services in Helsinki. Easy. We could try to give you an average cost, however with each clients home being so unique this would not be accurate. Once we meet you and your lovely home, we are able to gain a much better understanding of your situation and are then able to give you a personal private quote.


Included in this quote:


First consultation meeting                                                             Concept design

 Letter of agreement & deposit                                                    Space planning

 Registration of new customer in our database             Bathroom & kitchen design

 Room condition checklist                                                              Furniture, materials, fabrics & lighting sourcing

 Personal questionnaire                                                                     Color & space consultancy

Design projects                                                                                       Window & door furnishing & treatments

 On site inspection, measurements, photos                     Presentation of our 2D, 3D & rendering design

 Shopping booklets                                                                               Paper documents & graphic materials costs

 Shopping time!



Please note: Extra hours outside the final bill will be charged at 50 € per hour, 100 € per extra visit which is payable on site & 50 € per hour driving outside the Helsinki area. We also charge a small percentage of all materials & furniture purchased as well as labor costs.


We also offer Payment Plans so that you can pay your designs off over a period of time that suits you. This allows you to have your dream home without any large upfront payments. Simply Contact Us or check out our Payment Plans and we can arrange a plan to suit your needs.


It is important to us that both the customer and designer receive the best value for the money that they are investing in the project. So please don't hesitate to Contact Us for a chat about we can make your dream home become a reality.

Le Corbusier Lover

Contemporary Home

'800 Renovation Home

Cosy Italian Living Room

Art Lovers Penthouse

Other Work & Materials






Schedule a consultation with us. We can meet you in a bar and get to know you & all  your ideas over a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.



We will come & visit your home where we will carry out a  lifestyle questionnaire, take some photos & measurements, as well as carrying out a room conditions checklist. This will help us gain a better understanding of what we can do with your space.




Once we gain a good understanding of you and your space, you can choose to work with us on our hourly rate of 50 euro per hour for as long as you require, whether it be a quick one off styling design or an entire renovation, it's up to you!



Together, we will discuss some design concepts that we have created upon the results we have gained during our time together. We will create a personalised shopping booklet for you and discuss all items and prices together.



Once you have approved the items and design , we can start shopping! Once we have shopped til we drop, we will begin the installation process and turn your dream home into a reality.



Now that all the hard work has been done, all you need to do is go ahead and enjoy your new home!













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