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We are proud independent distributors of Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia Ltd, the finest handcrafted cedar log homes on earth. We are located in Helsinki, Finland and are the only independent distributors for these beautiful log homes in the Scandinavian region, which in our opinion, is the finest region to build one of these spectacular log homes. Whether it be your dream family home in the deep Forests of Finland, a cosy Mökki situated on one of the thousands of Finnish lakes or a guest resort in far northern Lapland, Pioneer has a home to set you apart from the crowd and stand the test of time even during the harshest weather conditions.


If you have checked out the rest of our website, you will know that we have based our business around making the lives of our customers as easy as possible, offering combined services so that you can get everything you need all in the one convenient location, and these homes are no exception. When you Contact Us about any Pioneer Log Home, we will offer you a discount rate on all Interior Design services so that you can get the perfect interior to compliment such a beautiful home, so feel free to give us a call today.


But who are Pioneer Log Homes? Take a look for yourself, you will not be disappointed....






Pioneer Log Homes are the finest handcrafted cedar log homes on earth. A handcrafted log home from Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia is not only a unique option for homebuyers; it also offers a rustic appeal and superior craftsmanship.





Pioneer Log Homes is a Canadian company & crafts world-class log homes, log cabins and timber frame structures that are technically flawless and aesthetically pleasing. They build luxury log homes with one of nature’s most majestic trees: the Western Red Cedar. Their high quality, handmade log homes are renowned for having large character logs and unmatched joinery.





With more than 40 years of experience, Pioneer Log Homes is able to provide the proficiency needed to build dream homes for their customers. They can even create cedar logs with beautiful woodcarvings symbolizing the beauty of Mother Nature, and outfit your home with custom cabinetry and doors. The custom log homes stand the test of time. Your handcrafted log home or log cabin will be enjoyed for many generations and centuries to come.


More than half of the population of Finn's own a Mökki to celebrate the joys of summer after those long cold winters and escape the big city. Why not create a Mökki that that is truly unique and set you apart form the rest? Pioneer Log Homes has a floor plan to suit your needs, or you can create a custom floor plan to build your dream get away today.


Cosy, family home or dream mansion, Pioneer Log Homes has floor plans in every shape size and form to suit you and your families needs and make your dream home become a reality.


Pioneer Log Homes also build guest resorts, shopping centres and just about any structure you can think of. The beauty of a Pioneer Log Home is the perfect setting for any resort, whether it be during white snowy winters or the bright green summers, it is sure to attract customers from all over the world.


Here at mouse in the house, we love horses, and we know you do to! So why not give these beautiful creatures the home that they deserve and a barn that will be truly unique, functional and stand the test of time above all the rest? Come and take a look at how we can make this happen for you today.


When you choose to build your dream home with Pioneer Log Homes, you will have the opportunity to work with our Interior Design team to create an interior to suit you and your families new rustic lifestyle. We have studied these homes inside and out and know exactly what works and what doesn't.


A home this beautiful deserves an interior to compliment it and we know just how to achieve this. This is why we offer our customers a discount on our standard Interior Design rate, to ensure that you get the right design by the right people!


So, if you are located in the Scandinavian region and are interested in experiencing first-hand what it means to own one of the world's finest cedar log homes. Please feel free to Contact Us and we can get you started.










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