Remodeling and Home Design


Have you ever thought of renovating your home,

but the mess and the cost scares you?


Whether you wish to give your home a new feel, or re-styling to sell, our ReDesign service is just what you need.



Our ReDesign product is a simple styling service for those who want to create a new atmosphere in their homes, with no major changes and no large expenses.


We do this by either purchasing new furniture, or getting creative and utilising just about everything we can find in your house. We use fun and creative methods to renovate furniture and bringing it back to life once again! Who knows, maybe even that old dusty chair that's been sitting in the garage will be the next masterpiece in your new lounge room! We can change the upholstery, add a coat of paint, and help your furniture see brighter days once again! You will have the best looking room that you have always dreamed of, without turning your house or your wallet upside down!


With our expertise and your ideas, we will work together to create a splendid new room that will last forever, and keep a smile on your face day by day.







So, how much does it cost to hire an interior decorator in Helsinki? We find that most rooms, depending on the size of course, take around 15 hours to complete. With a rate of  50 € per hour our ReDesign styling services start from 750 €.


This includes:


 First consultation meeting

 Letter of agreement & deposit

 Registration of new customers in our database

 Room condition checklist

 Personal questionnaire

 On-site inspection, measurements, photos

 Design projects

 Second meeting with presentation of our 2D, 3D & rendering design

 Shopping booklets

 Shopping time! (If Necessary)

 Paper documents & graphic materials costs


Please note: Extra hours outside the final bill will be charged at 50 € per hour, 100 € per extra visit & 50 € per hour driving outside the Helsinki Area.


Honesty is a MUST for us. This is why, based on the details that you give us during the consultation, we can provide you with an accurate quote, then we can get to work designing your dream space!


We also offer Payment Plans so that you can pay your designs off over a period of time that suits you. This allows you to have your dream home without any large upfront payments. Simply Contact Us or check out our Payment Plans and we can arrange a plan to suit your needs.


If you are interested in our ReDesign service, please don't hesitate to Contact Us! We want to hear from you and discuss your ideas together over a cup of hot chocolate.








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